A Robin Hood Tale

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Landy Link - New project

Why Lees7 then?

Well Lee's 7! or Lee S7! - It doesn't matter. I have a Robin hood S7 kit car and my name is Lee.

Simple as that.

Welcome to my little cars home on the internet.

This is a little homage to my little car and a diary of events so I can reminisce in the future about those nights stuck in the garage.

I also aim to store any info. I have about modifications, things I've done etc. Who knows someone out there may be doing something similar and appreciate the help or I might just need to refer back to it myself in the future.

For a brief history of the car, my reasons for buying it etc. click on the history button on the left.

If anyone would like to contact me please feel free and click on the contact button.

For anyone that has stumbled across this site and is not interested, then go away....

I have shamelessly stolen some excerpts from all over the net in my time. If I offend anyone I apologise. Please contact me to get any material removed that you believe is stolen.

Thanks for reading if you have got this far. Click away.


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