A Robin Hood Tale


Info on some of the mods that have been carried out -

Propshaft modified for new shaft with 2 universal joints, removing the original Sierra rubber doughnut.

Radiator change for Dual Core "Coolman" radiator from Lolocost

91 degree automatic switch fitted to turn on Fan automatically

MP3/CD/Radio/SD Card Head unit fitted.

Pye 200 watt shelf mount pod speakers fitted.

Gaz Shocks fitted.

New Cortina rear springs fitted.

Bespoke aluminium tank fitted with internal fuel pumps from XR2i and internal swirl pot and baffles

Cherry Bomb tail pipes extended with Jetex universal 3 inch diameter bore 90 degree bends to deflect exhaust gases from rear wheels.

Goodyear GA H rated radials fitted to rear

Nankang H rated radials fitted to fronts.