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Robin Hood Kit Car 2B+Robin Hood Kit Car 2B+
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RHOCaR Calendar 2008 - Miss August!

Missing Car Owner Where's Steve...?

Hood Hood

Hood Hood

Kits everywhere ! Watch out, Hoods about

Exhausted Exhausted

Hood tank Tank in place

Pedal Assembly Pedal assembly

Welcome to Steve's Gallery !

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Photos from 2007

A selection of photos from 2007. A very enjoyable, satisfying and eventful year! I'd like to thank everyone who made all this possible. Without your help, assistance, advice, contributions, counselling & cajoling (you know who you are) I'd have never got this far.

Hoodies at Grizzly's - 2006

Hoodies at Grizzly's House - 2006 Hoodies at Grizzly's House - 2006 Hoodies at Grizzly's House - 2006 Hoodies at Grizzly's House - 2006

Despite the weather on the day of the Harrogate Kit Car Show, it was good enough for the second annual gathering of "Hoodies at Grizzly's House" on the Saturday evening and was well attended. Many more tips were gained in return for burgers on the BBQ followed by lashings of tea and biscuits (yes it was a bit nippy!). It was good to see about eight Hoods in the drive and have a closer look at them all. Favourable comments were received as to the standard of my build so far even though it’s nowhere near one of the quickest! Very encouraging though and a good time was had by all – Thanks Guys!

Hoodies at Grizzly's - 2005

Hoodies in the House ! Kit Cars Hoodie Gathering Hoodie BBQ Robin Hood invasion

Mid August saw the Harrogate Show which was local for me. Most of the Hoodies were camping over the weekend and I’d invited some of them over for the evening on the Saturday They could kick the tyres, tell me where I was going wrong and in return they’d get a burger. I’d no idea though how many were going to attend. 5 o’clock came and went without anyone turning up. The garage was clear and the BBQ was ready. At about a quarter past five though, came the unmistakable sound of engines! Eight Robin Hood kit cars turned up and two tin-tops – all in convoy! Good job I’d already warned the neighbours! What a site and I’d never seen so many people in my garage. Sure enough, plenty of tips and many burgers were cooked and a good time was had by all. A few cameras were about so I’ve posted a few pictures of the evening. I can see this becoming an annual event. It re-iterated to me, the social side of being a Hoody and my thanks go to all who attended – too numerous to mention. Oh and many thanks to my neighbours who lent me plenty of garden chairs!

The Garage

The Workshop Steve in his Garage

The (very) Early Days - Pre Steve

Early Days Early Days Early Days Early Days Early Days
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