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Robin Hood Kit Car 2B+Robin Hood Kit Car 2B+

Steve's Top Tips

I’ve learnt some valuable lessons since I've started my 'Hood' Project:

  1. If you buy a part built kit, make sure you understand what you’re letting yourself in for (If possible, ask someone knowledgeable to tag along and advise).

  2. If you buy a part built kit, make sure you check it thoroughly for any damage.

  3. Generally expect to buy a few bits that you end up not using.

  4. Be prepared to spend time working on a particular aspect, see something shiny, change your mind and go with some other option.

  5. In a similar vein, accept the fact that sometimes things just don’t go right and that you have to start over.

  6. Measure twice, cut once.

  7. Listen to all advice – but that doesn't mean you need (or have) to take it.

  8. If you get stuck on something, the best thing is to do nothing. Go onto something else. It's surprising what springs to mind later on.

  9. If you go to KitCar shows or wherever to buy stuff, do your homework first to try and ensure you get exactly what you need.

  10. Buy good tools. Cheap ones don't do the job right and are a waste of money

  11. Ensure you have plenty of garage/workshop space & storage - You'll need it.

  12. Endeavour to keep the family happy in between forays into the garage!!!

  13. When wiring up, rather than have the main power lead connected to the battery, place a 10amp fuse in-line instead. This will avoid any potential melt-down situations if things go wrong. Don't try to start the engine with this in place though!

More to follow - I'm still a learner you know!

Steve :-)

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