Robin Hood Kit Car 2B+
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Robin Hood Kit Car 2B+Robin Hood Kit Car 2B+
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Hood on trailer home
Coming home

Early Days

hood cockpit
Side Panel On!

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Read Steve's "Robin Hood 2B+ Kit Car Build Diary" and see for yourself just what's involved in building a Robin Hood Kit Car

SVA Test Passed - May 2007 !!! Click News to read the latest installment!!
Robin Hood Kit Car
If you're already building a Hood, this site may help you feel you're not alone! Steve would welcome tips or advice on any aspect of building a Hood and will publish all those received in the Top Tips section.

For several years I've been contemplating a Kit Car Project. With a background of my father being a garage proprietor, always being involved with cars and motorcycles since my earlier days and a passion for anything automotive, I feel that I'm well placed to embark upon and rekindle the passion for automotive tinkering. After a couple of motorcycle accidents (not my fault!) the time seemed right to take on something new. I have the garage space - well I will once I've had a good sort out, the know-how and a fair amount of tools. Coupled with my family's approval, it's now or never! "


•  Read "The Start of it All" here

•  Read Steve's Latest News here

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Hood cockpit
Still some way to go...

Steve and Hood
The man himself, and 2B+

Steve's Goal (but in BRG !)

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